Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome to Baby Jesús, Born in a Field Hospital in Pisco, Peru

That's the Baby Jesus over there to the right, except his name is really Jesús Moquillaza. He was born in a temporary hospital set up in the Plaza de Armas in Pisco, Peru on the evening of August 17, 2007. That's not his dad, also named Jesús Moquillaza, holding 7 pound Jesús, but the President of Peru, Alan García Pérez. President García has been out and about trying to rally the spirits of his countrymen countrymen following Wednesday's Earthquake in Peru. He paid the newborn and his proud parents--who lost their home in Wednesday's Earthquake--a visit.

The President kissed the newborn, and expressed his wishes for happiness to accompany little Jesús for all his life.

The Peruvian government is desperate for good news. The current count of persons affected by the earthquake is up to 33,200 families. Looting and robbing has broken out in Ica and Chincha, and extra police are being sent in. The situation has become critical in little towns in the highlands of the interior which have received no aid at all. The aftershocks continue, and in many towns, chaos reigns.


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