Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wilmette Salutes GBS Students Foust, Brown and Demertzis

Wilmette salutes 17 year old Tom Foust, as well as his Glenbrook South school mates Tyler Brown, 16, and Zach Demertzis, 15, all of Glenview, for saving the life of an elderly Northbrook lady Sunday night. Foust and his two companions, who were driving behind her stopped her car and pulled the lady to safety when she turned onto train tracks into the path of two oncoming trains. That train demolished her white Lexus just seconds after Foust, who has life guard training, stuck his hands under her arms and dragged the lady from her car. Hurray for these young heroes who had the presence of mind to act quickly.

The elderly lady has not been heard from and has declined interviews. Shortly after the debris stopped flying, she asked the boys, "Can I drive my car home now?"


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