Monday, August 27, 2007

Wilmette: Day Five Off the (Electric) Grid

Living "off the grid" here in Wilmette due to Thursday's storm is getting old, but since it's day, life is pretty good. There are three conflicting reports from Com Ed when power is being restored and that is quite maddening. It's not hot out today, and that makes daytime bearable. Tomorrow its back to work, so I have to take full advantage of daylight, as there is very little that can be accomplished once night falls.

I have found an acceptable location from which to write; the price of which is that I have submitted myself to the jurisdiction of Texas, indemnified a major corporation, its affiliates and assigns, and promised to pay attorney's fees if they are sued due to my actions. Not exactly risks I like to assume, but reporters take daily risks, and how can I be any more special? After all, my location isn't a war zone, just a local restaurant with very worried legal counsel.

There is now every sort of truck in the neighborhood. Disaster services, the Junk King, roofers, tree services, a Com Ed van, a Village of Wilmette truck, and unmarked pickups and vans of every size and description that all belong to someone doing something.

The phone rings again. Today Lowe's called me and told me I was preapproved for a credit card and they wanted to rush me a 10% off coupon. I thought that was the height of tackiness, and told them I wasn't interested.

I have a backdoor light now. I took a Starbucks paper bag with handles, put 2 rocks in it, 2 tea light candles, and it adds cheer to the incredible darkness at night. As you can tell, standards around here are slipping pretty quickly.

Worst of all is the infernal sound of generators. It's a terrible noise and I don't like it at all.


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