Sunday, August 26, 2007

Wilmette Wind and Rain Storm Devastates Wilmette - Town Separated into Haves and Have-nots

A terrible Storm hit Wilmette on Thursday, instantly separating the town into the haves and the have-nots. Those who have power, about half, are largely unaffected. Those who don't have power have (without exception) water in their basements, no power, and limited use of water, and may or may not have a land-line telephone. Cell phones were not affected except for quality of service. Many trees have fallen on houses, and no one has seen such damage since the pictures of Katrina--except the houses here are all still standing. While they are now being removed, many houses had large trees fall on them. This is a major disaster for the sleepy communities of suburban Wilmette, Winnetka, and Northfield, Illinois.

The Wilmette editorial office is part of the have not group. Your editor has her laptop on the trunk of her car, and is blogging courtesy of a neighbor, who has no idea that I am using their wireless Internet connection. As part of the haves, the neighbor is likely oblivious to most of what is happening outside her home.

We are all living by candle light at night, cutting up and throwing out carpets and all sorts of stuff from our lower levels by day. People look a little dirty and disheveled and the trash pickers are descending. We are hoping for power in less than a week, but given the nature of the damage, maybe it will be longer. Hot weather predicted for next week could test the patience of local residents, many of whom are pleasant enough to talk to, but lose all control behind the wheels of their cars, where many drive aggressively and unsafely, as if immune from the laws of motion.

Disaster workers are beginning to descend from out of state. There is a lot of opportunity here. Free showers are available for local residents at the pool. All in all, it is a disaster, North Shore style. Besides, Hackney's is open, with many a kind word and an invitation to stay all day. We headed over there for breakfast, and I admit staying on was a temptation. In an area where many could head out of town and not return until they can find a clean up crew, it's a strong lesson that--for most people--there is no place like home.


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