Friday, February 01, 2008

Barack Obama and Wilmette's Tony Rezko

Barack Obama's campaign has been furiously backpeddling since the Rezko matter started picking up steam. We have Hillary Clinton to thank for alerting the American voter to a situation which Chicago has known about for quite some time now, and which must be considered before casting a ballot. I was happy and relieved to find out that now this situation has garnered national attention, there is a new blog, Rezkowatch, devoted solely to the political fallout from the Rezko issue. Since I really would prefer to blog about the animals, I am glad blogger B Merry is willing to do some of the hard work in acquainting the rest of the country with the normal machinations of Cook County politics.

Media attention has focused on Obama's rhetoric, and how his theme of "hope" has resonated with many voters. These voters seem to be nice people,who sincerely believe that voting for Obama will make a difference. I believe that Obama, if elected, will only deliver business as usual--Cook County style--rather than the unicorns and rainbows his speeches seem to promise. I would hate to see those nice people disappointed and disillusioned by the political process. At least, they now will know that there is some question about Obama's political connections and whether his history raises genuine issues about his commitment to the downtrodden, for whom he seeks to be a champion.
As an update, Tony Rezko will apparently remain in jail, having had his bond revoked earlier this week for undisclosed financial resources which were deemed to make him a flight risk.


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