Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dan Seals, the Surge, and Access to Information

For the past few years, there has been an eerie parallel between Democrat sentiment and Jihaddist propaganda about Iraq. As Iraq begins to stabilize and terrorists become so desperate for volunteers to "die for the cause" that they resort to the heinous practice of blowing up mentally disabled women, Democrats have been scrambling to redefine themselves as something more than peace cadidates. This includes 10th District Congressional candidate Dan Seals, who has been removing his 2006 platform from the Internet, even while he clings to the dated viewpoint that "the surge has not worked."

Seals, who has made a career out of running for Congress continuously since 2005 or 2006 and doesn't live in the district which he seeks to represent, has taken several steps to scrub the Internet of evidence of the viewpoints he held during his first campaign. There is the famous "peace video," which has been removed from Youtube, and more recently Seals has blocked all access to his old campaign website pages at the Internet Archives.

But I digress. Of late, there has been growing evidence that Iraqis, themselves, are becoming increasingly interested in the future of their own country. I was very surprised to find an in depth article on the positive results of the surge and the efforts of the people of Iraq from a most unlikely source--the largely Democrat and left-leaning Council on Foreign Relations. Take a look, the news is very promising.


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