Monday, May 12, 2008

Barack Obama's Values: Democrats Unveil Mainstreaming Plan

Just what are Barack Obama's personal values? We've been talking about that for quite a while, perhaps ad-nauseam, but apparently the Democrats are a little unsure. A highly placed Clinton Gore operative writing an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal has several suggestions to mainstream Barack Obama. These tips could serve Obama well once the press looks into his history with machine politics and the problems Obama will face with his Chicago connections. They are:

1. Wear the flag pin (Need we mention that it be the American flag, and it should be right-side up?) ;
2. Support measures that reflect traditional American values (We know via Michelle Obama's latest speeches that the USA will be all about families and children--maybe she needs to toss out that speech leftover from her husband's IL state senate race?);
3. Demonstrate that he is on the side of law abiding people: that he is sympathetic to the victims of crime and that he understands American’s concerns about law and order. (Bob the Builder says Yes! He can!);
4. Demonstrate his intention to secure our borders (very important for our 60 States);
5. Refute the presumption that he believes every problem can be solved by negotiating with the leaders of rogue nations and reassure people that he understands diplomacy has its limits. (See #3); and
6. Connect with people of faith (Didn't he do this already at Hartford , oops!)

Easier and better? Support John McCain.

(Meanwhile the Nader-Gonzalez Team is raising money to get on the ballot in Illinois with his "No More Whining!" campaign. I understand we all don't agree, folks. Want a leftist candidate? Choose Ralph Nader. He's been a principled spokesman for leftist political values for over 40 years. )


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