Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not Such Pleasant Dreams . . .

Sometimes the Google translation tool leaves something to be desired. I have been looking around for some vacation destinations, and I found this about a special hotel stay:

"Then we kidnap you in our cozy fireplace room. With a glass of wine (optional ruby or gold) starts Märchenstunde ... We read only for a half-hour tales and legends from the resin in order to prepare gentle dreams ... "

And at the restaurant I was intrigued by what must be a special dish, the "Halberstädter bishop-potty." Or perhaps you might be interested in a "salad on a bed mess in Scotch whiskey waved Chanterelles"? Now there's a chef who's not only clever but honest!

It might be no accident that the tag line for the hotel is: "You will be amazed!"

Indeed I might . . .


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