Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bon Voyage Tribute to Barack Obama

Bon Voyage, Barack Obama; tomorrow you are leaving this city to live your dream in Washington. Chicago was very, very good to you. You came here on a wing and a prayer and have moved on up to $35,000 per night vacation digs and $40,000 a year private schools for your kids.Chicago loves you: just ask Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, and Alice Palmer how you improved their lives.

I had a hard time choosing a fitting tribute to you, a true man of the people. I decided to choose the above because the members of the band look like David Axelrod. There were several runners up from Youtube, all of which feature Na Na Na Hey Hey. I will enjoy listening to all of them right up to the Inaguration:

1. From Remember the Titans - Complete with Portuguese subtitles, this would have been the hands down winner but for the morbid theme.

2. Fancy - nearly won but didn't due to video quality and spoken "2001" at the beginning.

3. Crazy Frog - A close contender because it has the best sound (turn up that subwoofer!) but boring visuals.

4. Steam original 45 rpm - Great sound, same group as above, but no one looks like David Axelrod.

5. EESCH - A little different sound. As I mentioned, I will be listening to this song a lot and variety is good.

6. Unknown high school band - Lots of energy but bad video and no lyrics

This post is dedicated to former Wilmette resident, Jack Ryan; all your old pals miss you.


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