Monday, April 06, 2009

Thoughts . . .

Recent thoughts . . .

*I heard Hillary Clinton say something on global warming on the news, but I remain perplexed how the globe is warming when we are on our sixth month of snow here in Wilmette. Winter is supposed to be part of December, all of January and February, and part of March, three months or so in all. Not this year, not last year, not in a while.

*I find myself avoiding the TV news more often, and its no surprise why viewership is down; all the news reported is bad, any way you look at it. I am sure that all the news is not bad, but Just think of the good news you have heard on TV lately; bet you can't think of any, except for some heartwarming story about how someone who is doing well, despite something horrible happening around that person. The bulk of the ads are for medicines whose sole message is you may be quite unwell. It used to be watching the news meant you were interest in being well informed. Now it may mean that you are a masochist.

*I am considering losing all interest in politics. It appears that Washington is being run by crooks, and who wants to have anything to do with crooks?

*I cannot abide the thought of the President of the United States bowing down to foreign princes (it's at :53 through :56). While I had seen the still image before today, I thought it had been photoshopped. Sur-prise!


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