Monday, April 06, 2009

We Find Siena but Not Very Easily

So we thought we were very clever heading to Siena by train. Our Rick Steves Guidebook told us to take any orange bus leaving from the station, ensure that it was headed to "Il Centro," and it would be all good. Somehow in my mind I pictured the bus pulling up to the Piazza del Campo, pictured above, and all we would have to do would be to hop off.

As the bus went further and further into a modern part of town however, we realized that we might be in a little trouble. Because the bus had standing room only, there was no way we could even ask the driver. Luckily, an English speaking local told us when it was our stop, and we walked about half a mile down narrow medieval streets filled with tourists and were able to find both the famous Sienna town square and the amazing Cathedral.

I remained a little nervous, however. After nearly collapsing on the steep marble stairs to the cathedral, I realized that I hadn't heard any ambulances at all.


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