Monday, July 06, 2009

Wisdom from Russia, but not Political

The Land of Lenin beckons! It surely is a sign of the times that President Barack Obama left the country for Moscow over the 4h of July weekend. Early pictures reveal that Michelle is popularizing the housedress and cardigan for foreign travel.

While I remain very suspicious of Russia, all their thinking is not bad. I found this quote from the Eastern Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow, worth sharing:

“An internally devastated Christianity deprived of inner strength by the renunciation of its ancient traditions cannot resist the pressures of the present age. Under the influence of liberal ideas and secular moral standards, we must fear that we may lose the spiritual and moral standards that have sustained the Christian church over many centuries. When one or another Christian community revises the theological or moral basis of Christianity in order to make itself more ‘contemporary’ or more ‘politically correct’, this is a direct route to the loss of its spirituality. Christians only have strength if they follow the precepts of Christ, not when their build their lives upon the whims of the secular world.”

- Bishop Hilarion. Patriarch of Moscow celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Ecumenical Council of the Churches of Austria


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