Monday, July 13, 2009

President and First Lady Sport Odd Fashion Choices at the Vatican

The Vatican was recognized as a country by the Reagan admin- istration, so our President's visit to Vatican City was an official state visit. As you can see from the picture at the right, the President was a little under-dressed when he went to call on the Pope. The Obamas have a reputation for disliking the requirements of protocol so greatly that they do not even travel with a protocol officer. Perhaps that's why President Obama failed to dress properly, when he paid a call, or maybe he simply forgot his formal wear. Or, perhaps President Obama was sending a message that he thought the Vatican is a little too old-fashioned?

Whether a woman wears a dress or whether the dress wears her often boils down to a matter of taste. Following a number of questionable fashion choices in Europe (leading to rumors that Michelle Obama is expecting), Michelle Obama wore this Bride of Dracula get-up, complete with satin blouse, over to the Vatican. Please, next time just take the protocol officer. While the fashion industry will not criticize as it is grateful for the fact that Mrs. Obama has an unlimited wardrobe with more changes than a stage play, it is very sad that we lost Mr. Blackwell to that great runway in the sky last fall. Perhaps he would have helped.


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Bravo!!!! Stated eloquently and hits the nail on the head!!!

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