Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Retread Department: Perennial Candidate Dan Seals Announces Another Run in Illinois 10th

This one you will never believe. As soon as Mark Kirk announced his run for the Senate, two-time loser for Illinois' 10th Congressional District seat, Dan Seals, announced that he plans to take a third crack at becoming a Congressman for Chicago's northern suburbs. How exciting is that? Well, not very.

Nearly 9 months have elapsed since Seals was last officially a candidate for Illinois 10th Congressional District. Candidate is the job that Seals now has held as pretty much a full-time gig for several years now. In his honor we've posted up the tire retreads. Been there. Done that. Are the Democrats out of people?

Having heard rumors that Seals' wife has a new job in Wisconsin, I thought it possible that Seals finally moved into the northeast Illinois district that he seeks to represent. While I hear that is not the case, can't a voter dream? We won't go into his recent campaign history such as his gas-up-the-cars-and-create-havoc-on-Milwaukee Avenue-in-Libertyville campaign stunt that stopped just short of criminal charges, his incredible story that he didn't understand the difference between a real professor and a guy teaching a once-a-week night school class, and some other doozies. Hopefully he will fade away if a more qualified candidate--like one with some substantial real life experience other than going to school and running for office--appears on the scene.

h/t to Team America, who still has time to read his mail.


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