Thursday, September 10, 2009

Call the Repair People--They are Waiting for Your Call

Today I have a tip which is a pretty good one. You know those jobs around the house that you have been meaning to call the repair man for, and dragged your feet? Call now! I have two situations, and the repair people can both come tomorrow! I suspect my experience might be pretty common. Think of it, getting something fixed without waiting for weeks on end, or carefully leafing through the calendar to find when one of the family can be at home. Really nice! Maybe better order will pull me out of the dumps I've been in today when I verified that no lifetime caps on insurance payments for the insured really is what the President said last night about health insurance. I thought surely that was my mind playing tricks on me, but no such luck.

No lifetime caps on insurance would spell the end to private-sector health insurance. No insurer can write business where there are no policy limits unless they are able to manufacture money out of thin air. An insurer that can't control its risks and exposures is a company that won't be there to pay your bills when you have them. One of the most important principles is that it is downright dangerous to deal with an insurance company that isn't making a healthy profit. Thanks to state regulation, those companies usually don't stay in business, which is a good thing for you and me.

So I am left wondering. Seeing that the insurance you are keeping because you like it will have no lifetime cap (hence no policy limits), your insurer will not survive short of the ability of the company to dip into the public treasury. This is so basic, it's hard to believe that President Obama could be advocating no limits, but its harder to believe that he is the hard-core redistributionist that would open the public treasury for whatever procedures clever doctors could dream up. Assuming that the President is not lying when he says he subscribes to the concept of private ownership and competition, is President Obama detached from reality, uninformed about economics, or trying to pull a fast one on the American people? There is no answer which gives any comfort at all.


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