Saturday, September 05, 2009

Labor Day Greetings

"[O]ne of the reasons Republicans are so against public sector employment is because they hate unions, and the public sector is the most unionized.

"'Government workers [are] nearly five times more likely to belong to a union than [are] private sector employees,' the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted."  

-excerpt from Unhappy Labor Day at The Progressive

Do you like he picture from the Labor Day Parade in 1942 in Detroit encouraging the purchase of union made goods? Good luck at finding much of anything made in the USA any more, much less with the union label. It's not lack of union shops, it's lack of domestic manufacturing. Don't you get excited when you have the choice of buying something actually made in America?

If unions protect you from very bad management, and government workers are 5 times more likely to belong to a union, what isn't to understand about the public resistance to government run healthcare? Personally, I wonder how much longer the President is going to beat the dead dog of national healthcare with a stick. The unions have spent years and years teaching the general public about evil bosses and the necessity of unionization, and now they are complaining that we learned our lessons well?

The talk of Republicans hating unions is a little quaint, don't you think? The only union-hating I ever found among Republicans was when the thought occurred  that their company could be unionized because they had failed their workers and were not good enough employers.


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