Friday, March 05, 2010

Attorney General of Texas Questions Constitutionality of Health Care Legislation

Looks as if the Attorney General of Texas is ready to litigate over the proposed Health Care legislation in Washington, D. C. Apparently there are real Constitutional questions about the federal government's right to require the purchase of an item (i.e. insurance) as a condition of citizenship. The fact that insurance regulation has always been a privilege of the states, and that Congress apparently plans to invoke the Interstate Commerce Clause in its quest for power over US citizens, might be why we are hearing so much about selling insurance over state lines.

Happily, Howard Dean recognizes that, according to The Hill Blog, "Passing the healthcare proposals before Congress will 'hang out to dry' every Democratic incumbent running for reelection this fall." While several commenters to the post think that it would be a bully idea to rid the Congress permanently of those bearing the Democrat brand, we disagree; the people are best served through a Congress that has diversity of opinion.


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