Monday, July 05, 2010

Glenview Independence Day Parade - July 5, 2010

This morning we decided to head off to the Glenview Independence Day parade. It was terribly hot outside, but cooler than yesterday's parade in Northbrook. Illinois 10th Congressional candidate Bob Dold and most of his family, along with many supporters, was a highlight. Dold is an extremely hard worker who spends long hours on the campaign trail and enjoys meeting voters. We did not see Dold's opponent, Dan Seals, at the parade, although he had a group marching.

The Jesse White Tumbling Team came to the parade, but it was mostly a different group than came to Wilmette on Saturday. It's a long drive to the parade for the tumblers, but I imagine they love their enthusiastic fans in the area. The tumblers are extremely popular, and have been seen in the Glenview parade for many years.

The Bolivians came to celebrate the 4th of July with us, but I don't think they drove their truck from Bolivia.
The Polish Roman Catholic Union dancers somehow managed to look cool. That was a feat given the temperature.

State Senate candidate Hamilton Chang was marching with his family and I managed to get a really bad photo of him with two of his sons while he was straightening up after shaking someone's hand. His finance background and U of C MBA will be a real plus for Illinois.

I'm sorry there isn't enough space or time to cover all the great participants in this year's parade. This was an outstanding parade, and with a length of over 1 1/2 hours, amazing for a small town such as Glenview. Thanks to everyone who braved the extremely hot weather; you made a great celebration!


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