Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday in Wilmette

It's a lazy Summer Sunday in Wilmette. Everyone at our house is tired from working at the Kenilworth Union Church Rummage Sale, yesterday. After so much excitement, today we are looking for something fun to do. But first, we did find this gem while doing the online equivalent of reading the Sunday paper:

"[I]nstead of being vilified, as we were under Bush, the United States is now suddenly bordering on being irrelevant.

Relations with China and Russia have been deteriorating.

China wags its finger at us over our spendthrift ways, and who can blame them for worrying about whether we can ever afford to pay them back?

North Korea sinks a South Korean boat, and the U.S. provides no leadership. Instead, the Obama administration issues what amounts to a tersely worded press release.

Relations with the government we prop up in Afghanistan are, at best, strained.

No U.S. president since Carter has been as crossways with Israel, our one solid Middle East ally.

And on the homefront, unemployment still hovers around 10 percent. Factor in those who have lost hope and have stopped looking, and the jobless rate is in the high teens."

You can read the entire editorial at the Denver Post.

But no need to sit around the house pouting. We are off to The Grove in Glenview, to view the Civil War re-enactors. There is plenty to see and do there (here's today's schedule), and the day is lovely. We are going to take our mosquito repellant with us!


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