Friday, September 17, 2010

Campaigns, Caterpillars, and Iguanas

I promised a few more vacation pictures, so here is a catepillar and two Iguanas. I suppose one of these days I will have to make a few comments on the local candidates, and start getting ready for November's election. Anybody else thinking that the ads against Mark Kirk are beyond the pale? Well, I know they are, because people are telling me so. At our house, we will be supporting Mark Kirk.

We have a great bunch of local Republican candidates this year, and if yard signs are any indication, the Democrats have gone into hiding! Wise choice, I would say. Democrat policies will ensure a sojourn at the Poor House by and by, if it hasn't sent you there already. This is, year six of the Dan Seals (candidate for the 10th Congressional District) perma-campaign, and he still doesn't live in the district. He is running a very, very quiet campaign, appealing to his base and keeping his head down. It still amazes me how his supporters claim he was at events he never attended--or if he did, only invisibly--such as Northbrook's 4th of July parade.I have seen about one  Seals sign as opposed to dozens for Bob Dold. But so much for politics, and on to the pictures.

Have you ever seen such a good looking catepillar? I found this one at the Botanical Garden on Dominica. It was as big as my finger!

The iguana is really enjoying his nap in the tree on a very hot day.

The iguanas ran around like squirrels in St. Thomas. There were a lot of them! If you can get beyond their somewhat ugly appearance, they are pretty cute, and quite charming.


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