Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back from Vacation

I was pretty excited to get a vacation before Labor Day, and I got some pretty pictures. After a little tussle with Hurricane Earl, I am happy to be safely home. Unfortunately, I developed a cold, so am a little under the weather today. This is a view of the capital of the the small island nation of Dominica, which is just as picturesque as it looks.
This sign pointing out the Office of the President might make you think I took some time out from fun to meet some important politicians like Michelle Antoinette did in Spain, but really all I did was take a picture of the sign.
I loved seeing the bananas growing, which you can see, above. Bananas of course require tropical weather to survive, and this vacation was really, really hot. I think it was unusually hot because the approach of Hurricane Earl made the air extremely still and we couldn't enjoy cool ocean breezes. It also might of been because I planned this trip long before it got hot this summer, and hot seemed like a great idea. From a temperature standpoint, going to the Dells might have been smarter.

 I found it a real challenge to take decent pictures in the super-bright sunlight--it washed out all the color. I am sure more practice would help. Shortly before I saw this waterfall I found out that the Boa Constrictor is a common snake on Dominica. which sort of took the fun out of these jungle-like surroundings. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time on my summer vacation in spite of the Hurricane, the Boas, and the heat.  I will try to find some more good pictures to share with you over the next few days.


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