Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Pakistan Floods Continue Widespread Misery

Save the Children is reporting that millions of children still are not receiving food aid in flood-ravaged Pakistan, as 20 million Pakistanis attempt to keep body and soul together in this terrible humanitarian crisis. The UN is working to raise funds to supply seeds to farmers who have lost their standing crops, as well as their seed stocks, and 1.2 million livestock and 6 million poultry. While floodwaters are beginning to recede, the affected region is half the size of Italy. Predictibly, the Taliban is working to try to trade relief efforts for loyalty. Open Doors urges prayers for the affected, reminding us that this is not just a problem affecting Pakistan's large Muslim Population. The video, above, is written and performed by the Pakistani group, Laal, and features dozens of pictures showing the extent of the floods' fury. Do take a minute to look at this youtube video to learn more about this situation.


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