Monday, December 20, 2010

Senator Mark Kirk's Holiday Party

The Ballroom of the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel on Skokie Boulevard in Northbrook  was not only stuffed with well wishers yesterday evening, December 19, 2010, at Senator Mark Kirk's holiday party, they spilled out into the hall and lobby as well. Mark was busy receiving every visitor--and it was a lot of them--as well as posing for pictures, looking quite tired, but very, very happy. The party was a good place to run into people you have known for years and years and also meet new people. Admission fee was a check to benefit the very highly regarded Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

From the candle lanterns outside the front door to the festive decorations inside, the hotel showed off its holiday finery, making a merry mood for all. Notable was the happy mood of the event--no worrying about an election not yet won.

Mark enjoyed telling the story of the old desk he was given for his office with many Senators names inscribed on it as well as the 1827 Bible of David Farragut, the nation’s first Navy admiral. which he used for his swearing in. Other than a brief update, Mark's remarks were short, leaving more time for the eating, drinking, and socializing which the large crowd was obviously enjoying.

It's been a long time since I attended a Republican event where everyone was cheerful, relaxed and without complaint, and it made me very happy to see the Grand Old Party rebuilding its strength to once again report for duty.


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