Thursday, February 24, 2011

Genocide: Libya's Citizen Reporters Tell the Story

Have you been following the revolution in Libya? Who would have ever thought that Libya, a country headed by a man scorned by most of the civilized world, would have enough citizens willing to risk their lives to create a network of citizen reporters using cell phones with cameras to take the story of their terrible genocide to the world? Their reports have been relayed by young Libyans living outside the county, who are free to use social media and quite capable of deploying it in their cause. In addition to cell phone cameras, there have been reports by phone, webcam hook-ups, and every other modern way a message can be relayed. These reports have eventually made it to manor news networks as the best reporting available.

Hope remains that Global Leaders will use their power to protect the Libyans from their leader, Col. Gaddafi,  who is surely mad. Sadly, America's response has been late, underwhelming, and led to ridicule from quarters as diverse as Twitter to the UK Telegraph. If nothing changes, one of the debates of succeeding centuries will be why the US told Mubarek to step down, while ignoring the atrocities in Libya. The answer will not be pretty.


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