Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thoughts on Government

Need a little old-time TV to provide some relief from those unending elections ads? How about a few wise words from a famous Chicago economist via India?

Amit has a great old video interview of Milton Friedman posted on his website, along with a transcript if you don't feel like watching the half hour show. While it's a little dated, the show reflects important economic truths. (Friedman was Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, from 1946 to 1976.)

Excerpt: "There are the well-meaning sponsors and there are the special interests who are using the well-meaning sponsors as front men. You almost always when you have bad programs have an unholy coalition of the do-gooders on the one hand and the special interests on the other."

Go have a listen!

Note: Okay, okay so the above is a little deep for this blog. But, never fear, I didn't forget the animals and am posting a link to a postively wicked story about a mouse.


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