Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Defending Your Candy Cane Rights

Yesterday I was glad I don't live in Seattle, home of the Christmas tree that went missing. I shudder to think this could happen here. After all, Wilmette is worried about a park named for a long dead nun, so worried that they need legal advice? Please.

In the wake of the Seattle mess, I am comforted to learn about an organization that has "an army of lawyers" ready to go to court to defend the right to do things such as, saying "Merry Christmas," or having your child give a candy cane at school.

The people are the "Alliance Defense Fund," who have an annual Christmas Project:

"ADF wants all Americans to know the Truth—that they have the freedom to celebrate Christmas publicly, joyfully, and without fear—for generations to come! We are launching our annual national Christmas Project™ to spread the message, “Merry Christmas. It’s okay to say it.” Will you join with us?"

Like most people in this area, I have plenty of non-Christian friends. I mean, I even got an email offer for a web site discount, special for Diwali. Let's face it: Christmas blends the best traditions of Europe's pagan past with the best of Christianity. That's a pretty dynamite combination. So, if you haven't decorated already, make sure you get some mistletoe and holly this weekend. Oh, and do take a few minutes to explain to the little ones why we bring all that greenery into the house to celebrate Christmas!


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