Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wilmette Residents: Prepare for Water Shock

Every time I get a Wilmette water bill I am horrified. It's not the water that's expensive, its a horrible "sewer charge," which is double the water bill. Then there is a bill for the garbage collection, which used to be included in the tax bill. In addition to the water bill, we are told we are "running out of water," but anytime I go to the beach I find that very, very hard to believe. Growing up when water was cheap, I try not to waste. And water the grass? Please. Pray for rain.

Apparently, I am not alone. It seems that Wilmette residents are using so much less water, that the price is going to be raised--substantially. Over at the the Village of Wilmette, they seem to think that Wilmette residents don't watch their pennies. Personally, I can think of plenty of nice things to do with the money. Where do we get these village employees anyway?

h/t The Backyard Conservative


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