Saturday, February 23, 2008

Massachusetts Census Finds Black Bears Thriving

It never occurred to me that they have wild bears in Massachusetts, but they do! There are now over 3,000 bears in central and western Massachusetts, thanks to repopulation efforts by state wildlife experts. This week they are taking a census of the 13 black bears who are wearing radio collars.

To their delight, the wildlife scientists found that one bear has three newborn cubs. The employees of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife snapped a number of very cute pictures which you can see by clicking here. There is also a video. The picture above shows a cute little black baby bear--which has been put in a knit cap--being weighed.

Please note: Bears, especially mother bears, can be dangerous to humans, and the wildlife experts traquilized the mother before inspecting the babies. Click here for further information about black bear problems and control from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


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