Monday, February 04, 2008

Wilmette Blog Endorsements

Undecided who to vote for on Tuesday, February 5, 2008? Wilmette makes the following endorsements:

For President: John McCain
For 10th Congressional District: Mark Kirk (unopposed)

John McCain has the best possibility of uniting the party for a November win. Mark Kirk is unopposed.

For President: Hillary Clinton
For 10th Congressional District: Jay Footlik

Hillary Clinton is a known quantity and has greater experience at the national level. Barack Obama needs more experience.

While not the favorite of local Democratic organizations, Jay Footlik has longer continuing ties to the area of the 10th district. He will be the toughest challenger to Mark Kirk in November based on experience, intellect, and viewpoint.

Note: This blog subscribes to the idea that the public is best served by the best candidate in both parties, NOT endorsing what might be viewed as a weaker candidate.


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