Friday, March 07, 2008

Is a McCain-Jindal Ticket a Possibility?

John McCain is in Louisiana today, and I would imagine one of his goals is to get to know Louisiana's recently elected governor, Bobby Jindal, a little better. Governor Jindal, pictured at the left, is a bit of a long-shot for vice-president--based on his age, the recency of his gubernatorial election, and the fact that Louisiana really, really needs his help--but he can't be counted out. Jindal, the youngest US governor, is a rising star in the Republican party. He strengths include a reform agenda, a world-class education, intelligence, and sterling conservative credentials. As a former Congressman, he offers both legislative and executive experience.

Because Republican youth generally prefer to start their careers in business rather than public service, Jindal is a bit of a Republican rarity. All that being said, we will be hearing a great deal more about this native of Baton Rouge in the future, including this campaign season.

UPDATE: It's been over two months since we published this post, and this 2008 Memorial Day weekend Gov. Jindal will be joining John McCain at his ranch for a Barbecue. Everyone involved is denying that this is some sort of interview for the Vice-President spot. Whatever the case may be, we are glad that Sen. McCain is seeking input for the campaign, and getting to know possible candidates better. Meanwhile, Gov. Jindal has three qualities that really would help the Republicans in the fall: Catholic, Conservative, and Southern. Those are key constituencies when it comes to winning in November. Gov. Jindal is also a very patriotic guy, as is Sen. McCain, which could make a McCain-Jindal ticket absolutely compelling among those who deem that important, which we suspect may still be a majority of voters.


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