Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tiny Polar Bear Wilbär Introduced at Stuttgart's Wilhelma Zoo

Welcome to tiny Wilbaer (Wilbär), the latest German baby polar bear, born at Stuttgart, Germany's Wilhelma Zoo. His name is a combination of the zoo's name and "eisbaer," which is German for polar bear. Unlike the other famous polar bear babies who had been abandoned by their mothers, Wilbaer is doing fine with his mom, Corinna, so it is likely there will be fewer pictures and videos available. Wilbaer was born on December 10, 2007, and at birth was just a little larger than a guinea pig. Because polar bears are so tiny at birth, Wilbear is just now being introduced by the Zoo. You can see some cute pictures at the zoo website by clicking here. There is also two very cute videos of Wilbear with mom Corinna, one of which you can see by clicking here, and the other by clicking here.

Wilbaer now weighs 13 pounds, and his name has already been trademarked. Don't hurry to make plane reservations now, however, as he won't be introduced to the public until May.

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