Tuesday, February 26, 2008

日本福井県小浜市 - Crazy for Barack
Obama Onsen, Japan

Dream-peddler Barack Obama might not end up being good for business in America, but Obama, Japan is counting on the US candidate for President to put their famous hot springs (onsen) on the global tourist map. Obama (the town) is crazy for Obama (the candidate) in a totally non-political sort of way, and they are putting up posters, watching election returns, and baking their signature sweets complete with pictures of Barack Obama.

Blogger Erika reports that Obama is a "beautiful, quaint fishing town with lush green hills, beautiful coastlines, and yummy sea food. They also specialize in luxury chopsticks."

The mayor of Obama--located between Kyoto and Fukui--has been hoping that Mr. Obama would visit, but to date the candidate hasn't even acknowledged the DVD, guidebook, and chopsticks which were sent to him. Undaunted, Obama's mayor is planning to send him another gift, a laquerware doll with the word "victory." Unfortunately, there is no information about the town's efforts on the official website for the hot springs. Click here for some pictures of the now-famous town, whose enthusiam for self-promotion is one of the more interesting stories this election season.

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