Friday, October 24, 2008

One Million Women: Tele Town Hall for Sarah Palin!

OMG, a million women on the phone at once? While we personally find the telephone a little old tech, it seems very new tech to put a million people on the phone at once to talk about Sarah Palin. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 25 from 10AM - 12 noon CST, one million women in battleground states will be called with an invitation to participate in a tele town hall with a group of distinguished women leaders. Don't sit by the phone waiting for it to ring, however; Illinois isn't a battleground state. But don't feel badly, you can listen to the call in real time at the Townhall blog.

In case you miss the call, or just want to listen a little later, Team Sarah will post the audio file online.

h/t to the Backyard Conservative, who sent an email asking to get the word out.


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