Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Second Birthday Amillia Taylor!

Happy Birthday to Amillia Taylor! It's her second, and we hope that she and her family are doing well. Hundreds of well wishers have come to this blog over the past year seeking further information from a couple of posts that we did about her following her very early birth and miraculous survival, (a crack medical team greatly helped) and on her first birthday.

Unfortunately, we have no update. I have searched diligently for any news of Amillia--now a tot-- and sent emails, but have learned nothing. Amillia's mom, Sonja Taylor, stated last year that she wanted Amillia to have a private life. It appears she has succeeded, and is giving her child a normal upbringing out of the glare of publicity. While we might feel a little disappointed to have no news, a mom who cares more about her child than public adulation is a blessing indeed.


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