Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

After deciding that I was feeling well enough to get back to my life Wednesday morning, I had a terrible relapse of whatever is ailing me. I am back resting in bed and if I felt a little better I would go to the doctor. I remain convinced that I am almost over this flu or virus, but in the meantime I have been having a close relationship with my 3-ply Kleenex box. Our beautifully carved pumpkins have been all eaten up by the squirrels, and our favorite Halloween decoration was blown over by the strong winds over the weekend.

I am going to have to power myself out of bed this afternoon, otherwise the children will have to have fruit leather for treats, about the only thing around the house. That would be pretty disappointing for them. I think that a Hershey or Snickers bar or some Cheetos would be more delicious. One year, I was able to get some little bags of popcorn, and that was a great favorite! Of course, the days are long gone when a homemade treat was acceptable.

It's always impossible to tell how many trick-or-treaters will show up. Some years it is just a couple; other years, the bell doesn't stop ringing. The more the merrier, I always say, as for me there are never enough trick or treaters.


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