Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blagojevich and Quinn: The Governor is Out; Long Live the Governor

No, I jumped the gun; the vote has to be 2/3, not 1/2. The Chief Justice has again taken charge of the proceedings and is stating how the vote will be taken. I wrote the below when 37 Senators had spoken.

The Illinois State Senate seems to have had a collective "come to Jesus" moment in Springfield, and seems that most everyone had their say, 36 of them so far. A few of their observations:

"There should not be one person who walks out of this chamber jubilous." - Sen. Terry Link, Democrat, who has his own ethical problems.

"In the land of Lincoln and the Land of Obama, it is a shameful day. . . . Free at last, free at last, free at last." - Sen. Martin Sandoval

"It's time to put aside our party labels. . . My hope is that today will be a new step for the people of Illinois . . . and [we will] work for the people of Illinois instead of ourselves." - Sen. Gary Dahl

"That is not just a template that was created six years ago. . . . His (Gov. Blagojevich's) remarks were frankly insulting to the law abiding people in our communities. . . . This does not represent a template that grew overnight." -Sen. Jeff Schoenberg

"He did not work in isolation. I believe that our state government must enter rehab--moral rehabilitation." - Sen. Randall Hultgren

"This is a very, very serious set of things that have happened. . . . He (Gov. Blagojevich) somehow got caught up in the process. " - Sen. Iris Martinez

"This is not a sad day, this is a great day. What a joy . . . that we don't have to bomb the Governor out of the second floor." -Sen. James Meeks

"It (impeachment) is not a legal proceeding . . . The problem of 'pay to play' is systemic." -Sen. Jacqueline Collins

"It is a sad day for the citizens of Illinois. The state of Illinois was paying $14 a pair for underwear (in speaking of state contracting long before Gov. Blagojevich) for prisoners. If you believe for one minute that the prisoners were getting $14 a pair underwear you're crazy, you're cookoo. . . . Wouldn't it be great if we never had to raise another dime. . . . My good friend (Obama) had to raise $771 million dollars. . . .(Speaking for public campaign financing) Then we would not have pay to play because no one would have to pay." " -Sen Ricky Hendon

(weeping) "I'm going to press the green button to convict . . . because it has to be done." -Sen. Frank Watson


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