Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gov. Blagojevich: "Legal Means with Moral Ends"

Governor Blagojevich still gives a mean speech, and he has just finished an impassioned one over at the Illinois Senate in his Impeachment Trial. Again he recounted his saintly acts and ended with his stem winder of a stump speech about his dad leaving a promising military career in Yugoslavia and coming to Chicago and working hard for the sake of his children. His main argument? If you find me guilty, then you have to find Rahm Emanuel and John McCain and Teddy Kennedy guilty, too, because we were all working together on legal means with moral ends to help the people. His plea was either to allow him to bring in character witnesses or find him not guilty. According to him, he has never, never, never done anything wrong at all.

Barack Obama's name never came up. He was never a leader under Governor Blagojevich so he is home free.


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