Monday, September 20, 2010

Dan Seals: No Recent Updates Except for the Social Security Flip-Flop

Looking for a giggle? If you have a strong sense of humor and some political interest, sometimes it pays to look at candidate websites. I found this "no recent updates" Facebook Badge at the official  website of Dan Seals, candidate for Congress in the 10th Congressional District, along with the invitation to "spread the word about Dan Seals" and add the official Facebook badge to your blog. And so I did.

I also found something else, maybe not so funny, about Dan Seals on my website visit. Just last week, the Chicago Tribune reported that Dan Seals "supports cutting Social Security payments to wealthier seniors because 'they are less in need of those benefits,' " In contrast, Seals website states, "Older Americans have been investing in and counting on these[Social Security] programs for decades, and Dan will work to guarantee seniors the benefits they’ve earned." What???

Seals seems to have been doing fairly routine about-faces on issues of late. What the heck, times change, and you wouldn't want a six-year campaign to appear old and stale, I imagine. Nevertheless,  its best not to talk out of both sides of your mouth and better to make both your written words and your spoken words agree, wouldn't you think? While the juvenile and goofy campaign stunts seem to be winding down as perennial candidate Seals ages, the candidate doesn't appear to have changed a bit. Is it any wonder that in Wilmette--where Dan Seals lives--that the yard sign count for Republican candidate Bob Dold--who doesn't live in Wilmette-- is at least 20 or 30 for Dold to 1 for Seals? Elections are only six weeks away, and things are starting to get interesting.


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