Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ever Clever Rahm: Emanuel Figures How to Use Non Profit Money for Political End

Count on Rahm Emanuel to cleverly figure how to use tax-exempt money for political efforts! Wilmette's own Emanuel, now mayor-elect of the city of Chicago, has applied for, and received grant money from a number of Chicago area tax-exempt foundations to fund his transition, according to today's Chicago Tribune. In addition, Emanuel formed a non-profit to help raise funds. I am sure Emanuel's political donor's are grateful for this opportunity to help his campaign while deducting contributions from their income tax, since political deductions are normally non-deductible.

While some might question whether Emanuel's actions  violate the intent of the law, if not the actual letter of the law, the IRS has come under increasing public scrutiny in the past years for turning a blind eye to  non-profits for their political involvement.


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