Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's Mardi Gras, and Little Has Changed in Libya

Happy Mardi Gras; tomorrow Lent begins. The chances that the problems in Libya will be resolved any time in the near future seem limited.  A standoff has developed between the Free Libyan forces and the old government under Col. Gaddafi. Fighting continues, but the Libyan government has one of those "Internet Kill Switches" and web traffic in Libya has flatlined since March 3.  Limited updated information from Libya's citizens is now available.  Since the entire world is watching, we are hoping there is less chance of mass genocide, but the situation is not good. A recent offering from Twitter: Quite possibly the only public wifi hotspot in eastern Libya just lost electricity. Moans of agony from journalists."

Despite the lack of Internet, the chants of the protesters are leaking out, and dozens have been compiled at Wikipedia, including one that likely sounds better in the origin al, "To hell, hell with Gaddafi, oh Tripoli, Benghazi is calling," and the more pointed chant clearly designed for an English speaking audience: "Obama don't you care?! Libyan bodies everywhere!"


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