Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wilmette Elections: Today April 5, 2011

Election today:
NO on the tax increase (we've had enough already, thanks. District 39 Schools need to do what they can with what they have, like we've been doing at our house since the Great Meltdown).

District 39 School Board:
Vote ONLY for Laurie Stogin; we need ONE good person there.

Wilmette Library Board:
Write-in Mike Levitan for the 2-year term

Wilemette Village Board:
Vote for Mike Basil and Bob Bielinski

For New Trier:
Mike O'Donoghue, Greg Robitaille, and Joel Goldhar.

For people who have recently moved to Wilmette, the tax bill goes up every year and doubles every so often. We're of the mind that should provide enough money. DON'T drive out the citizens who are older and aren't sending kids to the public schools.