Saturday, November 01, 2008

Final Thoughts on Halloween

I thought we would have more trick or treaters the weather was so beautiful! While I was disappointed by the low turn out, at least I was ready. I powered myself out of my sickbed mid afternoon on Friday and bought plenty of treats. Then, I did my very best to do what I could with the pumpkins. We had one spare pumpkin, so I carved that. Then I realized that although the squirrels had chewed off the face of the one pumpkin, I could just turn it around and carve the other side, so I did that. Only a bit of the other pumpkin was left, so I just turned it upside down and carved a funny little face in what was left. I was pretty pleased at my own brilliance.

I bought a little battery-operated pumpkin saw this year at Jewel, and when I went to buy the candy I saw that they are half price. You might want to get one for next year; they made everything easy. I also had bought a pumpkin scooper made out of metal, and they were also half price. It was an excellent tool, and I recommend one of those as well.

When I was buying my Halloween treats, they were stocking the store shelves with Christmas candy. I can't imagine how that would tempt anyone after Halloween, certainly we have plenty of candy to last us until at least Thanksgiving. And the squirrels? They were no where to be seen.


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