Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bacon Explosion: Perfect Superbowl Food

Long about now, with weeks of cold and snowy weather behind and in front of us, comes the Superbowl. This day is Chicago's excuse to eat lots of high fat food, and in particular meat--washed down with plenty of booze--in the company of friends. Two years ago I did the definitive blogpost on how Chicago eats at Superbowl time, which was quickly followed by some worried emails from abroad with links to nutrition sites. I appreciated the kind thoughts, but extended periods in freezing weather do take their toll.

Would I disappoint you at Superbowl by offering nothing new? Of course not! Today we are featuring the Bacon Explosion (complete with recipe and videos) which is the latest Internet food craze and seems perfectly designed for the hungry folk huddled around your widescreen. How can you quarrel with a recipe that features two pounds of bacon (woven like a basket) and two pounds of sausage all wrapped around a bacon core? I can't think of a better way to make you a hero or heroine of hearty eating than to put this one out in front of hungry Chicago sports fans.

And just in case you are seriously going to serve wine for the Super Bowl (hey, stop laughing, the Internet is Global, and they actually do things like that in California and I think maybe in Barack Obama's old neighborhood, Hyde Park) you can see the comments to a post on the Dr. Vino blog. for some ideas of what wine to serve with the bacon explosion.

I suppose that by now you are imagining me weaving that bacon and cooking up one of these monster pork rolls. You want me to die? We're bypassing the snacks and taking a early dinner at one of the restaurants enticing people out of their family rooms by offering a good discount!


Blogger pathickey said...

My Dear Publia,

Monstrous indolent of me not to jot a note to you yesterday, but matters Leo ( 7901 S.Sangamon -Chicago, IL 60620) were aboil!

Allow me to say, that this post was the most heart touching and genuinely soul soaring treatment of meat that it has been my treacherman's pleasure to feast upon.

May I also say that the above photo of the rolled savories of pigmeat borders on the near pornographic in its ability to elicit waves of sensory excitement!



Feb 3, 2009, 8:17:00 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

Well, Pat, you South Siders have a particular appreciation of the joys of processed meats, and meat in general. Some of the stuff they are selling here on the North Side is worse than pathetic. Sometimes I tut and tut and wonder if half of Chicago has totally forgotten that it once was "Hog butcher to the world."

Thank you for keeping up standards!

Feb 6, 2009, 1:59:00 PM  

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